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Thinkerstar Preschool

Type of Class: Childcare, Enrichment

Address: BLK 701 Woodlands Dr. 40
#01-102, Singapore 730701

Phone Number: 63656535

Website: http://thinkerstar.com.sg/



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About Us

Thinkerstar Preschool believes that every child is a unique individual ‘star‘ which will shine brightly and glow wherever they go. Each ‘Thinkerstar’ will be given an equal opportunity in different areas of development to excel and perform at their own pace.

We emphasize and instill positive life values to our young generation through a caring and conducive environment. Respect and kindness are our daily essentials. Through our creative curriculum and dedicated staff, Thinkerstar Preschool holds firmly in its promise to deliver a holistic education.

We communicate effectively and transparently with families of the children under our care through different mediums to update one another on the progress, development and concerns of their child. We seek support and understanding on Home School Partnership as well an active Parental Involvement from families. Besides being essential in your child’s learning journey, this will also create a two-way communication where both parties will gain a greater understanding of child’s abilities, personalities and social development which will allow us to provide more room for them to enhance their capabilities.

We treat all stakeholders including the STAFF of Thinkerstar Preschool with respect and kindness.We hope that both school and families could lead by example.

Thinkerstar Preschool Team

Our passionate and loving educators are strongly encouraged to keep abreast of early childhood education through professional development. We believe in lifelong learning and enquiring knowledge in their areas of interest. Teaching and non-teaching staff will regularly attend workshops and courses offered from approved institutions to enhance their skills.

Curriculum training will be conducted both by internal and external parties to ensure teaching staff are equipped with proper knowledge, skills and content to provide proper guidance to the children under our care. Through regular trainings, Educators will be able to face challenges with greater confidence level in their daily interaction with children, families as well as in the early childhood industry.


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