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The Preparatory Place

Type of Class: Childcare

Address: 40/42 Fernhill Road
Singapore 209101

Phone Number: 67376427

Website: http://www.theprepplace.com.sg

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About Us

The Value of Early Childhood Education

The early years of a child make up the crucial formative phase of his/her life. To a large extent, the experiences and knowledge a child receives during this phase provides the foundation for later formal education. This, as we are well aware, will have a bearing on his/her options and opportunities later on in life. Research in child development has shown that children develop fifty percent of their general intelligence before the age of four. It is also found that for the average eighteen year old, one third of his/her proficiency in areas like vocabulary, reading comprehension and general scholastic skills, are already developed before he/she reaches six!

What this means is that quality childhood education is essential in supporting to set a child on the path of realising a bright and promising future. The love and guidance we give to our children cannot be over emphasised. Coupled with a positive and nurturing childhood education, as with the one
THE PREPARATORY PLACE believes in providing, they form the most precious gifts.

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning should be enriching, engaging and meaningful for your child – making sure that his/her transition from the familiarity of home to school is an enjoyable and stimulating experience. We view the pre-school years not only as preparation for later schooling, but also as a time when values as well as emotional and social skills are inculcated and learnt. Even at an early age, a child has a wide range of inter-related emotional, social-psychological and intellectual needs.We believe that in today’s world of small nuclear families, working parents and rapid change, such needs can best be met in a professional and warm environment where the joy of learning and self-discovery can be shared.

This is why we have set up THE PREPARATORY PLACE – it is to provide just such a happy and caring second home to guide and nurture your child’s development. We believe in providing professional service of the highest quality – listening to the parents, and planning our childcare programme to match your child’s specific developmental requirements – guided by the basic philosophy of nurturing them to their fullest potential.

The Learning Environment

The learning environment is carefully designed to develop your child fully, concentrating on the three main areas, namely intellectual and emotional development, aesthetic development and social and physical development. Teachers make informed decisions about how best to support each child’s growth and development. They offer a learning environment which provides opportunity for in-depth experiences, ensuring breadth, balance and relevance of learning in early education.

Play – The Seed of Learning

Play is of central importance in the intellectual and emotional development of children. We encourage purposeful play by providing appropriate play materials for children that help to develop their interest, motivation, social and information processing skills. In our daily activities there is always something new to wonder at, think about, observe and create.

Decision Making

The development of independent learning and self-discipline relies upon the ability to make effective decisions.
We are able to enhance such development by providing your child with a range of planned activities to choose from.



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