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Little Mighty Me

Type of Class: Childcare, Enrichment

Address: 274B, Punggol Place #02-816

Phone Number: 6604 6200

Website: http://www.littlemightyme.com



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Operating Hours

7:00 PM


We understand!

As parents ourselves, we understand that the search for a quality childcare centre for our precious little one can be an arduous task. All we want and ever ask for is a peace of mind that our little one is well taken care of when we are not at the little one’s side. 


This is why Little Mighty Me was born. 

We want to take good care of your little one.

We want you to have that peace of mind.


Our Mission

Little Mighty Me sets out to build a solid foundation for all children to succeed in school and in life.


Our Philosophy

Little Mighty Me goes back to the basis of care and education and is strongly influenced by two renowned theorists in psychology and education, Abraham Maslow and Lev Vygotsky.


Our mighty people’s physiological, safety, social and esteem needs are placed in highest priority.


Our mighty staff acts as guides to support our mighty people’s learning at a level that suits their individual cognitive potential. Learning is a reciprocal experience between our mighty people and their guides.


Our mighty people are engaged in meaningful activities that promote positive social interactions with their guides and peers.


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