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J H Kim Taekwondo Singapore (Millenia Walk)

Type of Class: Music & Dance / Sports

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard #02-26/27/28 Millenia Walk S(039596)

Phone Number: 6299 0495

Website: http://jhkim-singapore.com



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We are committed to teaching children and adults authentic Taekwondo, in a caring and supportive environment.

We strive to at the forefront of martial arts instruction, in Singapore and beyond. We provide age- specific Taekwondo instruction that is relevant and beneficial.

Our team of professional and dedicated instructors endeavor to bring out the best in each student, physically, mentally and emotionally

We aspire to make the lives of every man, woman or child better through the practice of Taekwondo.


Taekwondo is an art that must constantly evolve, requiring the dedication of practitioners to improve in all areas. We believe the following guidelines will make our Institute the best place it can be.


Taekwondo is a martial art and the people who practice it are martial artists. There is no room for politics at our school. We devote ourselves solely to teaching and practicing the art of Taekwondo. Anyone who shares with us the desire to become a good martial artist is welcome.

Complete System

We teach Taekwondo as a complete system. This includes kicks, punches, hand and foot blocks, sweeps, joint locks, grappling and throws as well as sport Taekwondo. Some students may choose to specialize in one or more specific area but the school will always provide classes on all aspects of Taekwondo.

Analytic Approach

Any technique used by a martial artist must make good sense and be based upon sound physical principles.The practitioner must have a clear understanding of why each technique is done a certain way. Therefore, technical discussions with other students or instructors are encouraged in our school.

A Home for Martial Arts

We want each member to view the dojang like his/her home as a martial artist. It is important to us that our members feel they can stop by anytime, for any reason.

Shared Values

We believe and abide by these dojang tenets:

  • Improvement of Mind and Body
  • Ethical Self-Conduct
  • Unity Among Members

Our team of world-class instructors range from:

  • National Champions & Ex-Elite Athletes from USA, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines
  • Master Degree holders in Sports Science and Bachelor Degree holders in Taekwondo
  • Native Korean Instructors


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