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Phone Number: 9177 9055

Website: https://www.cocotutors.com

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About Us

Certified and Qualified

Our Home Tutors go through rigorous selection criteria and quarterly reviews to ensure they are capable and competent of providing excellent and quality Home Tuition standards to your Child.

Free Change of Tutors upon Request

Teaching styles don’t match? Or just want a change in home tutor? Just tell our co-ordinators and we will change your home tutor for FREE!

No Commitment Period

In the event that the home tutor provided is unsatisfactory or unsuitable, parents can choose to terminate home tuition provided at any time after the first lesson. There is no commitment period to follow through!

Tutor Points System

Tutors are regularly graded by a 5-star points system based on 3 criterias, at the end of one month of home tuition. Home Tutors who fail to consistently obtain 4 stars will be phased out, therefore we will only provide the Best of the best for you.

Learn Exam Skills

Content is 60%, but applying it correctly what distinguishes the A’s from the B’s. Our undergraduate home tutors are equipped with the exam skills and know-hows as they teach their ways of tackling the problems during Home Tuition.

Quick Response Time

Our agents will respond within 0-24h hours with a list of interested home tutors that are tailored to your needs. Granted, the lesser the requirements, the faster the response time!


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