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Cambridge Preschool (Sengkang)

Type of Class: Childcare, Enrichment

Address: 50 Sengkang East Way

Phone Number: 6315 3183

Website: http://www.Cambridge.school



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At Cambridge, we recognise the need to envisage the future world that your child will live and work in. We would not know what specific skills would be needed for future jobs that do not exist in this day and age but we can prepare your child by equipping him/her with uniquely human skills that are not easily replaceable by robots, such as the ability to innovate, problem-solve and think creatively and critically.

Our brand-new state-of-the-art curriculum exposes your child to iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and has been designed to develop these essential future skills in fun and age-appropriate ways to prepare him/her for future success.

iSTEAM embraces the philosophy of “thinking with hands”, and consists of hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration of interesting topics which will prepare your child for the future.

Academic Skills

Our curriculum covers the fundamental literacies of reading, writing and Mathematics.

Unique Talents

At Cambridge, we believe that each child is unique with his or her talents. Some children are good with language, others with numbers, music or art. There are also children who are good with people skills. In this competitive world, we nurture your child’s unique talentsto give him or her, a competitive edge, especially in the future world. Besides, knowing that he or she is good in something is a great confidence booster and being confident will benefit other areas of life.



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